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Zhang J; Toe CY; Kumar P; Scott J; Amal R, 2023, 'Engineering defects in TiO2 for the simultaneous production of hydrogen and organic products', Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 333, pp. 122765 - 122765,

Jiang Y; Toe CY; Mofarah SS; Cazorla C; Chang SLY; Yin Y; Zhang Q; Lim S; Yao Y; Tian R; Wang Y; Zaman T; Arandiyan H; Andersson GG; Scott J; Koshy P; Wang D; Sorrell CC, 2023, 'Efficient Cocatalyst-Free Piezo-Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution of Defective BaTiO3-x Nanoparticles from Seawater', ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, 11, pp. 3370 - 3389,

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