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Hakobyan K; Noble B; Xu J, 2024, 'Pyrazole carbodithiolate-driven iterative RAFT single-additions.', Chem Commun (Camb),

Yang Z; Zhang M; Liu Y; Jiang M; Sun Y; Wang J; Xu J; Liu J, 2024, 'Composite of CoS1.97 nanoparticles decorated CuS hollow cubes with rGO as thin film electrode for high-performance all solid flexible supercapacitors', Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 664, pp. 691 - 703,

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Sun Y; Jiang D; Wang J; Zhang A; Wang C; Zong H; Xu J; Liu J, 2023, 'Construction of Binder-Free, Self-Supported, Hetero-Core–Shell Honeycomb Structured CuCo2O4@Ni0.5Co0.5(OH)2 with Abundant Mesopores and High Conductivity for High-Performance Energy Storage', Small, 20,

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