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Callander S; Carbajal JC, 2022, 'Cause and Effect in Political Polarization: A Dynamic Analysis', Journal of Political Economy, 130, pp. 825 - 880,

Carbajal JC; Mu'alem A, 2020, 'Selling mechanisms for a financially constrained buyer', Games and Economic Behavior, 124, pp. 386 - 405,

Carbajal JC; Müller R, 2017, 'Monotonicity and revenue equivalence domains by monotonic transformations in differences', Journal of Mathematical Economics, 70, pp. 29 - 35,

Carbajal JC; Ely JC, 2016, 'A model of price discrimination under loss aversion and state-contingent reference points', Theoretical Economics, 11, pp. 455 - 485,

Carbajal JC; Müller R, 2015, 'Implementability under monotonic transformations in differences', Journal of Economic Theory, 160, pp. 114 - 131,

Carbajal JC; Ely JC, 2013, 'Mechanism design without revenue equivalence', Journal of Economic Theory, 148, pp. 104 - 133,

Carbajal JC; McLennan A; Tourky R, 2013, 'Truthful implementation and preference aggregation in restricted domains', Journal of Economic Theory, 148, pp. 1074 - 1101,

Carbajal JC, 2010, 'On the uniqueness of Groves mechanisms and the payoff equivalence principle', Games and Economic Behavior, 68, pp. 763 - 772,


Carlos Carbajal J; Nachbar JH, 2024, Detecting Robust Personal Equilibrium Effects in Misspecified Causal Models, ,

Mu' alem A; Carlos Carbajal J, 2023, Mind the Revenue Gap:  on the Performance of Approximation Mechanisms Under Budget Constraints, ,

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