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Altevogt LA; Sheikh RH; Molley TG; Yong J; Liang K; Spicer P; Kilian KA; Wich PR, 2024, Enzyme Bioink for the 3D Printing of Biocatalytic Materials, ,

Zhang M; Hakobyan K; Pan K; Peng S; Wu S; Hao X; Jiang Z; Liang K; Xu J, 2023, Epidermis-Inspired Porous Polymer Films Grown in situ from Hydrogel Surfaces, ,

Zulkifli MYB; Chen R; Lin R; Yao Y; Chai M; Appadoo D; Wang W; Zhu Z-H; Liang K; Chen V; Hou J, 2023, Regulating thermal dynamics and gas transport of MOF glass through silver composites, ,

Yan M; Chen Q; Liu T; Li X; Pei P; Zhou L; Zhou S; Zhang R; Liang K; Dong J; Wei X; Wang J; Terasaki O; Chen P; Gu Z; Jiang L-B; Kong B, 2023, Site-Selective Superassembly of Biomimetic Nanorobots Enabling Deep Penetration into Tumor with Stiff Stroma, ,

Chen K; Yong J; Zauner R; Wally V; Whitelock J; Sajinovic M; Kopecki Z; Liang K; Scott K; Mellick AS, 2022, Chondroitin Sulfate Proteoglycan 4 as a Marker for Aggressive Squamous Cell Carcinoma, ,

Hosseini M; Babayekhorasani F; Guo Z; Liang K; Chen V; Spicer PT, 2022, Propulsion, deformation, and confinement response of hollow nanocellulose millimotors, ,

Pang H; Sun P; Zhang W; Wang D; Zhang R; Qiao L; Wang W; Gao M; Li Y; Zhou C; Chen J; Wang M; Liang K; Kong B, Interfacial Assembly of Compressible Carbon Aerogels Featuring Oxygen Reduction Reaction Property for Rechargeable and Flexible Zn-Air Batteries, ,

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