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Richardson J; Schroeter L; Poole K, 2024, 'Mechanically-Evoked TRPV4-Mediated Currents Are Modulated by Activated Integrin β1', in Mechanobiology, Springer International Publishing, pp. 1 - 20,

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Journal articles

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Basirun C; Ferlazzo ML; Howell NR; Liu GJ; Middleton RJ; Martinac B; Narayanan SA; Poole K; Gentile C; Chou J, 2021, 'Microgravity × Radiation: A Space Mechanobiology Approach Toward Cardiovascular Function and Disease', Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology, 9,

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Patkunarajah A; Schroeter L; Sanderson G; Biro M; Poole K, 2021, 'Disrupting ELKIN1-Dependent Mechanoelectrical TransductionModulates Cell-Cell Interactions in Organotypic Tumour Spheroids', BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL, 120, pp. 65A - 66A,

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