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Manwaring K; Narrain S, 2023, 41 US states are suing Meta for getting teens hooked on social media. Here’s what to expect next, ,

Manwaring K, 2023, Why do I get so much spam and unwanted email in my inbox? And how can I get rid of it?, ,

Bednarz Z; Manwaring K; Weatherall K, 2022, Insurance firms can skim your online data to price your insurance — and there’s little in the law to stop this, ,

Manwaring K; Kusta S, 2022, Q&A with Dr Kayleen Manwaring, IP Australia, ,

Kearnes M; Manwaring K; Munro P; Pala R; Samarakoon S, 2021, What does a right to repair tell us about our relationships with technology?, UNSW Allens Hub for Technology, Law & Innovation, ,

Kearnes M; Manwaring K; Munro P; Pala R; Samarakoon S, 2021, The Productivity Commission has released proposals to bolster Australians’ right to repair. But do they go far enough?, ,

Manwaring K; Leonard P, 2020, How Australia can reap the benefits and dodge the dangers of the Internet of Things, ,

Manwaring K; Clarke R, 2020, Are your devices spying on you? Australia’s very small step to make the Internet of Things safer, ,

Kemp K; Manwaring K, 2020, Australia’s privacy watchdog is taking Facebook to court. It’s a good start,

Manwaring KE, 2017, Six things every consumer should know about the Internet of Things, ,

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