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Fan K, 2017, 《仲裁在中国:法律和文化分析》,

Fan K, 2013, Arbitration in China A Legal and Cultural Analysis, Bloomsbury Publishing

Book Chapters

Fan K, 2023, 'Arbitrator's Contract', in Bjorklund A; Ferrari F; Kroll S (ed.), Cambridge Compendium of International Commercial and Investment Arbitration, Cambridge University Press, pp. 991 - 1011,

Fan K, 2019, 'Foreign Direct Investment and Investment Arbitration in China', in Carlos E (ed.), Foreign Investment and Investment Arbitration in Asia, Intersentia, pp. 25 - 54,

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Fan K, 2013, 'People’s Mediation in China: Creative Adaptations from the Tradition', in Mediation: China and the World

Fan K, 2013, 'People’s Mediation in China: Creative Adaptations from the Tradition', in Xin X (ed.), Mediation: China and the World

Fan K; Li Z, 2010, 'Legal Education in China: Where Does the Future Lies?', in Zhong Q; Tang D (ed.), The Cross-Strait Legal Developments, pp. 173 - 177

Edited Books

Fan K; Weng X, (ed.), 2023, COVID-19 and International Business and Economic Law: China and a Changing World, Academy Publishing (the Singapore Academy of Law), Singapore

Journal articles

Fan K, 2023, 'Beyond law and politics: an empirical study of judicial mediation in China', Journal of International Dispute Settlement (Oxford University Press), 00, pp. 1 - 29,

Fan K, 2022, 'A Review of China’s Sustainable Development Goals through Bilateral Investment Treaties', ICC Bulletin, pp. 29 - 37,

Fan K, 2021, 'The 2021 Proposed Amendments to the Arbitration Law: A New Era of Arbitration?', ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin, pp. 17 - 21,

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Fan K, 2016, 'Salient Issues in International Commercial Arbitration in East Asia: A Comparative Study of China and Japan', American University Business Law Review, pp. 448 - 483,

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Fan K, 'Can You Leave Your Hat on? An Empirical Study on Arbitrators Facilitating Settlement in China', SSRN Electronic Journal,

Conference Papers

Fan K, 2020, 'Beyond Law and Politics: Judicial Mediation in China', Harvard, presented at Harvard Comparative Law Workshop, Harvard, 16 November 2020

Fan K, 2019, 'New Developments of Commercial Dispute Resolution Mechanism in China: China’s Two Way Adaptations Towards Transnational Standards', University of Michigan, presented at China’s Legal Construction Program at 40 Years: Towards an Autonomous Legal System? 11-13 October 2019, Ann Arbor, University of Michigan, 11 October 2019 - 13 October 2019


Fan K; Fraser V, 2021, Final Report of Working Group 3 in the Mixed Mode Task Force, International Mediation Institute,

Fan K, 2020, The Impact of COVID-19 on the Administration of Justice, Kluwer Arbitration Blog,


Fan K, 2022, Why Do Parties Choose Arbitration? To Each Their Own, ,

Fan K, 2021, Localised Globalism, ,

Fan K, 2020, “Glocalisation” of arbitration, ,

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