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Dai L; Landsman WR; Peng Z, 2024, 'Private Loan Issuance and Risk Factor Disclosure', The Accounting Review, pp. 1 - 28,

Li H; Gao Y; Zhu Y; Dai L, 2024, 'Family control, institutional investors, and financial distress: Evidence from China', Accounting & Finance,

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Morris RD; Dai L; De Groote S; Holmes E; Lau L; Li CK; Nguyen P, 2021, 'Coping with COVID: pivoting perspectives from teaching a third-year undergraduate financial accounting course', Accounting Research Journal, 34, pp. 279 - 289,

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Dai L; Gong P; Jackson AB; Peng ZR, Answers Without Questions, ,

Dai L; Dai R; Ng LK; Peng ZR, Does Global Outsourcing Affect Corporate Customers’ Voluntary Disclosures?, ,

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