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Harris-Roxas B; Parker S; Wright S; Barr M; Sharma A; Haigh F; Levesque J; Harris M; Harris E, (eds.), 2023, 'Community Health Navigator assisted transition of care from hospital to community: A randomised control trial', presented at 3rd Asia Pacific Intergated Care Conference, Sydney, 13 November 2023 - 15 November 2023,

Barr M; Steel D, 2018, 'Do blended sampling designs provide robust estimates: where is the evidence', presented at ACSPRI Social Science Methodology Conference, Sydney, - ,

Barr M; Harris MF; Welberry H; Hall J; Harris-Roxas B; Comino E, 2018, 'GP follow-up within 2 weeks of hospital discharge in a community dwelling population of residents in Central and Eastern Sydney, Australia', presented at North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG), Chicago USA,, -

Barr M; Steel D, 2017, 'Quality metric for ongoing health surveys.', presented at 7th Conference of the European Survey Research Association, Lisbon, Portugal, 17 July 2017 - 21 September 2018

Barr M; Baker D, 2017, 'Innovative use of the 45 and Up Study research infrastructure,', presented at Australasian Epidemiological Association, -

Pinese M; Lacaze P; Rath E; Chuah A; Degrave D; Husson S; Kaplin W; Andrews D; Barr M; Thomas D; Dinger M, 2017, 'The Medical Genome Reference Bank – Deep genomics of a disease-depleted, elderly Australian population', presented at ComBio2017, Adelaide, -

Barr M, 2016, 'Randomised trial of online and postal questionnaires for a longitudinal study on health and ageing', presented at 5th Biennial ACSPRI Social Science Methodology Conference, Sydney, NSW, 19 July 2016 - 22 July 2016

Barr M; Bartlett M, 2015, 'Opportunities for policy, program development and/or further research from cancer risk behavior research conducted using the 45 and Up Study', presented at 12th Behavioural Research in Cancer Control Conference, Sydney, NSW, -

Barr M; Ferguson R; Steel D, 2014, 'Changing accuracy of self-reported BMI over time in NSW, Australia', presented at International Epidemiology Association Conference, Anchorage, Alaska, USA, 17 August 2014 - 21 August 2014

Barr M; Ferguson R; van Ritten J; Hughes P; Steel D, 2013, 'Examination of the impact of the inclusion of mobile phone numbers into the NSW Population Health Survey', presented at 8th World Alliance for Risk Factor Surveillance (WARFS) Global Conference, Beijing. China, 29 October 2013 - 01 November 2013

Hindmarsh D; Steel D; Chambers R; Barr M, 2012, 'The development of model-based local government area prevalence estimates from a state health survey', presented at Population Health Congress, Adelaide, South Australia, 10 September 2012 - 13 September 2012

Do A; Muscatello D; Barr M, 2012, 'From survey to surveillance: influenza like illness and influenza vaccine uptake', presented at Population Health Congress, Adelaide, South Australia, -

Barr M; van Ritten J; Steel D, 2012, 'Including mobile phone numbers into an existing health survey using an overlapping dual-frame design', presented at Population Health Congress, Adelaide, South Australia, -

Barr M; Raphael B; Taylor M; Stevens G; Jorm L; Griffin M; Lujic S, 2008, 'Pandemic influenza in Australia: Using telephone surveys to measure perceptions of threat and willingness to comply', presented at Technical Meeting of FLUMODCONT, Rome, Italy, -

Barr M; Ferguson R; Griffin M; Gorringe M; Kassis M; Yang B, 2007, 'Behavioural risk factor and chronic disease surveillance in the 21st century – meeting the challenge', presented at 5th Global Health Behaviour Risk Factor Surveillance conference, Rome, Italy, -

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