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Steel A, 2019, 'Empirical Legal Education Research: Empirical research in Australia', in Golder B; Nehme M; Steel A; Vines P (ed.), Imperatives for legal education research : then, now and tomorrow,

Nehme M; Ordway C, 2016, 'Governance and Anti-Doping: Beyond the Fox and the Hen House', in Haas U; Healey D (ed.), DOPING IN SPORT AND THE LAW, HART PUBL, pp. 207 - 231

Juriansz J; Nehme M, 2013, 'Corruption, international business transactions and the OECD', in Transnational Governance Emerging Models of Global Legal Regulation, pp. 112 - 149

Nehme M, 2013, 'Indigenous Corporate Governance in Australia and Beyond', in Frenkel D (ed.), Economy and Commercial Law – Selected Issues, Athens Institute for Education and Research, Greece, pp. 93 - 109

Nehme M; Juriansz J, 2012, 'Corruption, International Business Transactions and the OECD', in Head M; Mann S; Kozlina S (ed.), Transnational Governance: Emerging Models of Global Legal Relation, Ashgate, UK, pp. 111 - 149

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