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Humphery-Jenner M, Acquisitions as a Driver of Value-Creating Innovation,

Humphery-Jenner M; Powell RG, Anti-Takeover Provisions and Takeover Returns,

Humphery-Jenner M, Anti-Takeover Provisions as a Source of Innovation and Value Creation,

Humphery-Jenner M, Anti-Takeover Provisions, Software Companies, and Value Creation,

Suchard J-A; Karpavicius S, Are Equity Issuers Still Loyal? The Impact of Shelf Offerings on Underwriter Relationships,

Humphery-Jenner M; Powell RG; Zhang EJ, Cash Holdings and Innovation Through Acquisitions,

Banerjee S; Humphery-Jenner M; Nanda VK, CEO Overconfidence, Repurchase Decisions, Dividend-Repurchase Substitution, and the Market Reaction to Repurchases,

Banerjee S; Humphery-Jenner M, Cross Holding and Collusion,

Humphery-Jenner M; Sautner Z; Suchard J-A, Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions: The Role of Private Equity Firms,

Humphery-Jenner M, Diversification in Private Equity Funds: On Knowledge-Sharing, Risk-Aversion and Limited-Attention,

Zhang EJ, Divestiture, Experience, and Strategic Renewal,

Masulis RW; Swan PL, Do Wealth Creating Mergers and Acquisitions Really Hurt Bidder Shareholders?,

Banerjee S; Dai L; Humphery-Jenner M; Nanda VK, Executive Confidence and New CEO Selection,

Banerjee S; Dai L; Humphery-Jenner M; Nanda VK, Executive Confidence and New CEO Selection,

Humphery-Jenner M; Lisic LL; Nanda VK; Silveri S, Executive Overconfidence and Compensation Structure,

Humphery-Jenner M; Powell RG, Firm Size, Sovereign Governance, and Value Creation,

Humphery-Jenner M; Suchard J-A, Foreign VCs and International IPOs,

Suchard J-A; Humphery-Jenner M; Cao J, Government ownership and Venture Capital in China,

Humphery-Jenner M, High Frequency Trading, Information, and Takeovers,

Humphery-Jenner M; Lisic LL; Wentland K, How Does Tax Aggressiveness Influence Takeover Activity,

Ge L; Humphery-Jenner M; Lin T-C, Informed Options Trading Prior to Bankruptcy Filings,

Huang P; Humphery-Jenner M; Powell RG, Innovation and Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions,

Humphery-Jenner M, Internal and External Discipline Following Securities Class Actions,

Suchard J-A; Humphery-Jenner M; Qiu Z, IPO Suspensions and Venture Capital Activity,

Humphery-Jenner M; Islam E; Nanda VK; Rahman L, Litigation Risk and Managerial Contracting: Evidence from Universal Demand Laws,

Humphery-Jenner M; Powell RG; Zhang EJ, Lobbying, Corporate Performance, and the Moderating Effects of Governance and Industry Concentration,

Humphery-Jenner M, Lobbying, Operating Performance, and Corporate Governance,

Hogan T; Humphery-Jenner M; Tran Thi Lan H; Powell R, Measuring the Returns to Public Investment in Innovation,

Humphery-Jenner M; Islam E; Rahman L; Suchard J-A, Moderating Powerful CEOs through Improved Governance,

Humphery-Jenner M; Liu Y; Nanda VK; Silveri S; Sun M, Of Fogs and Bogs: Does Litigation Risk Make Financial Reports Less Readable?,

Humphery-Jenner M, Overvalued Equity, Managerial Self-Interest and Value-Destruction in Acquisitions,

Clout V; Humphery-Jenner M, Promoting Active Learning and Student Engagement Using the Socrative Teaching App: Case Study and Analysis,

Banerjee S; Humphery-Jenner M; Nanda VK, Restraining Overconfident CEOs,

Humphery-Jenner M; Suchard J-A, Should Exchanges Allow Larger and More Discounted Placements? An Analysis of Changes to ASX Listing Rules,

Humphery-Jenner M, Stimulating Innovation through Government Investment in Venture Funds,

Dutt T; Humphery-Jenner M, Stock Return Volatility, Operating Performance and Stock Returns: International Evidence on Drivers of the 'Low Volatility' Anomaly,

Huang P; Humphery-Jenner M; Powell R, The Choice of Acquisition Form Around the World,

Humphery-Jenner M, The Desirability of 'Weak' Form Legal Harmonization: Perspectives from Statutory Interpretation and Legal Coherence,

Cao J; Humphery-Jenner M; Suchard J-A, The Impact of Government Ownership on Venture Performance: Evidence from China,

Humphery-Jenner M, The Impact of the EU Takeover Directive on Takeover Performance and Empire Building,

Humphery-Jenner M, The Need for Both Strong Regulators and Strong Laws: Evidence from a Natural Experiment,

Harford J; Humphery-Jenner M; Powell RG, The Sources of Value Destruction in Acquisitions by Entrenched Managers,

Humphery-Jenner M; Suchard J-A, VC and PE Funds, and Government Grants as Drivers of Innovation Inputs and Outputs,

Humphery-Jenner M; Suchard J-A, VC/PE Funds, Government Grants and Innovation in Newly Public Firms,

Humphery-Jenner M, VC/PE Incentive Contracts and Investment Activity,

Banerjee S; Humphery-Jenner M; Nanda VK; Tham TM, Why Do Executives Commit 'Fraud on the Market'? Executive Overconfidence and Securities Class Actions,

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