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Valaris M, 2022, '5. Control and Knowledge in Action: Developing Some Themes from McDowell', in Reason in Nature, Harvard University Press, pp. 153 - 170,

Valaris M, 2022, 'Reasoning and Mental Action', in Mental Action and the Conscious Mind, Routledge, pp. 142 - 163,

Valaris M, 2019, 'Self-Knowledge', in Valaris ; Hetherington (ed.), Knowledge in Contemporary Philosophy, pp. 155 - 174,

Hetherington S; Valaris M, 2019, 'Introduction: Theorizing about Theorizing about Knowledge', in Knowledge in Contemporary Philosophy, Bloomsbury Academic, London, pp. 1 - 7

Melissa MM; Valaris M, 2012, 'Kant and Kantian Epistemology', in Stephen Hetherington (ed.), Epistemology: The Key Thinkers, edn. 1st, Continuum, London, pp. 131 - 152

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