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Ridone P; Winter DL; Baker MAB, 2023, Tuning the stator subunit of the flagellar motor with coiled-coil engineering, ,

Gurung J; Kashani M; de Silva C; Baker MAB, 2023, Microbial stir bars: light-activated rotation of tethered bacterial cells to enhance mixing in stagnant fluids, ,

Hamm J; Liao Y; Kügelgen AV; Dombrowski N; Landers E; Brownlee C; Johansson E; Whan R; Baker M; Baum B; Bharat T; Duggin I; Spang A; Cavicchioli R, 2023, The parasitic lifestyle of an archaeal symbiont, ,

Islam MI; Ridone P; Lin A; Michie K; Matzke N; Hochberg G; Baker MAB, 2022, Ancestral reconstruction of the MotA stator subunit reveals that conserved residues far from the pore are required to drive flagellar motility, ,

Li J; Jamieson W; Dimitriou P; Xu W; Rohde P; Martinac B; Baker M; Drinkwater B; Castell O; Barrow D, 2022, Building programmable multicompartment artificial cells incorporating remotely activated protein channels using microfluidics and acoustic levitation, ,

Mandal A; Priyam S; Chan HH; Gouveia BM; Guitera P; Song Y; Baker MAB; Vafaee F, 2022, Computer-aided diagnosis of reflectance confocal images to differentiate between lentigo maligna (LM) and atypical intraepidermal melanocytic proliferation (AIMP), ,

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