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Richardson M, 2023, 'Algorithmic Trauma', in Seigworth GJ; Pedwell C (ed.), The Affect Theory Reader 2: Worldings, Tensions, Futures, Duke University Press, pp. 423 - 445,

Richardson M, 2022, 'Military Virtues and the Limits of ‘Ethics’ in AI Research', in Economies of Virtue: The Circulation of 'Ethics' in AI Research, Institute of Network Cultures, pp. 123 - 137,

Richardson M, 2020, 'Embodiment and Affect', in After the Human, Cambridge University Press, pp. 58 - 71,

RICHARDSON M, 2020, 'Of Games and Drones:', in Remote Warfare, University of Minnesota Press, pp. 127 - 152,

Richardson M; Allison K, 2019, 'Affect and the Unsaid: Silences, Impasses, and Testimonies to Trauma', in Murray AJ; Durrheim K (ed.), Qualitative Studies of Silence, Cambridge University Press, pp. 236 - 253,

Richardson M; Schankweiler K, 2019, 'Affective Witnessing', in Slaby J; Von Scheve C (ed.), Affective Societies Key Concepts, Routledge, pp. 166 - 177

Richardson M, 2018, 'Drone's-Eye View: Affective Witnessing and Technicities of Perception', in Image Testimonies Witnessing in Times of Social Media, Routledge, pp. 64 - 74,

, 2018, 'Drone’s-eye view', in Richardson M (ed.), Image Testimonies, Routledge, pp. 72 - 86,

Richardson M, 2018, 'Terrorism: Trauma in the Excess of Affect', in Trauma and Literature, Cambridge University Press, pp. 320 - 333

, 2018, 'Trauma and Literature', in Kurtz JR (ed.), , Cambridge University Press,

Richardson MA, 2016, 'Surveillance Publics After Edward Snowden', in Lee K; Marshall DP; D'Cruz G; Macdonald S (ed.), Contemporary Publics : Shifting Boundaries in New Media, Technology and Culture, Palsgrave Macmillan, London, pp. 163 - 180

Richardson MA; Atkinson M, 2013, 'Introduction: At the Nexus', in Richardson M; Atkinson M (ed.), Traumatic Affect, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle, UK, pp. 1 - 19

Richardson MA, 2013, 'Torturous Affect: Writing and the Problem of Pain', in Richardson MA; Atkinson M (ed.), Traumatic Affect, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle, UK, pp. 148 - 170

Richardson MA, 2013, 'Writing Torture’s Remnants', in Collins CA; Clark JE (ed.), Speaking the Unspeakable, Inter-Disciplinary Press, Freeland, UK

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