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Myers CT; McMahon JM; Schneider AL; Petrovski S; Allen AS; Carvill GL; Zemel M; Saykally JE; LaCroix AJ; Heinzen EL; Hollingsworth G; Nikanorova M; Corbett M; Gecz J; Coman D; Freeman J; Calvert S; Gill D; Carney P; Lerman-Sagie T; Sampaio H; Cossette P; Delanty N; Dlugos D; Eichler EE; Epstein MP; Glauser T; Johnson MR; Kuzniecky R; Marson AG; O'Brien TJ; Ottman R; Petrou S; Poduri A; Pickrell WO; Chung SK; Rees MI; Sherr E; Sadleir LG; Goldstein DB; Lowenstein DH; Møller RS; Berkovic SF; Scheffer IE; Mefford HC, 2016, 'De Novo Mutations in SLC1A2 and CACNA1A Are Important Causes of Epileptic Encephalopathies', American Journal of Human Genetics, 99, pp. 287 - 298,

Tarantola D; Byrnes A; Gruskin S; Johnson MR; Zwi A; Kemp LA, 2008, 'Human Rights, Health and Development', Australian Journal of Human Rights, 13, pp. 1 - 31

Johnson MR, 2008, 'Privatisation, Myopia and the Long-run Provision of Economic Infrastructure in Australia', The Economic and Labour Relations Review, 19, pp. 57 - 72

Johnson MR, 2007, 'Is the Existing Ethical Framework Sufficient to Manage the Current Extension of Contracting and Competition in the Australian Public Sector?', Australian Journal of Professional and Applied Ethics, 9, #2, pp. 96 - 105

Johnson MR, 2002, 'Integrating Environmental and Economic Data: Reporting to Create a National Accounting Framework for the Environment', Economic and Labour Relations Review, Vol, pp. 226 - 243

Johnson MR, 1998, 'Review of `Unlocking the Infrastructure: The Reform of Public Utilities in Australia`', Economic and Labour Relations Review, pp. 347 - 353

Johnson MR, 1998, 'Review of `Who`s Utility:The Social Impact of Public Utility Privatisation and Regulation in Britian`', Economic and Labour Relations Review, pp. 347 - 353

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