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Bishop ID; Eagleson S; Pettit CJ; Rajabifard A; Badland H; Day JE; Furler J; Kalantari M; Sturup S; White M, 2019, 'Using an online data portal and prototype analysis tools in an investigation of spatial livability planning', in Sustainable Infrastructure: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice, pp. 585 - 607,

Aien A; Rajabifard A; Kalantari M; Williamson I, 2017, 'Review and assessment of current cadastral data models for 3D cadastral applications', in , pp. 423 - 442,

Kalantari M; La V, 2015, 'Assessing OpenStreetMap as an open property map', in , pp. 255 - 272,

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