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Shan X; Ding L; Wen S; Chen C; Wang D; Zhu H; Nie P; Lu X; Wang S; Zhong X; Su Q; Liu B; Lu J; Reece P; Chang L; Jin D; Wang F, 2022, Single charge regime electrodynamic force measuring in solution by upconversion photonic force microscope, ,

Russell LW; Dossetor EC; Wood AA; Simpson DA; Reece PJ, 2021, Optimising optical tweezers experiments for magnetic resonance sensing with nanodiamonds, ,

Mirnajafizadeh F; Ramsey D; McAlpine S; Wang F; Reece P; Stride J, 2018, Nanoparticles for Bioapplications: Study of the Cytotoxicity of Water Dispersible Quantum Dots, ,

Toe WJ; Piwonka IO; Angstmann C; Gao Q; Tan HH; Jagadish C; Henry B; Reece PJ, 2015, Anomalous dynamic behaviour of optically trapped high aspect ratio nanowires, ,

Carrad DJ; Burke AM; Reece PJ; Lyttleton RW; Waddington DEJ; Rai A; Reuter D; Wieck AD; Micolich AP, 2012, The effect of (NH4)2Sx passivation on the (311)A GaAs surface and its use in AlGaAs/GaAs heterostructure devices, ,

Johnson CM; Reece PJ; Conibeer GJ, 2012, Theoretical and experimental evaluation of multilayer porous silicon structures for enhanced erbium up-conversion luminescence, ,

Burke AM; Waddington D; Carrad D; Lyttleton R; Tan HH; Reece PJ; Klochan O; Hamilton AR; Rai A; Reuter D; Wieck AD; Micolich AP, 2012, The origin of gate hysteresis in p-type Si-doped AlGaAs/GaAs heterostructures, ,

Burnham DR; Reece PJ; McGloin D, 2009, Parameter exploration of optically trapped liquid aerosols, ,

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