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Xavier GTM; Nunes RS; Urzedo AL; Tng KH; Le-Clech P; Labuto G; Mandelli D; Fadini PS; Carvalho WA, 2023, Removal of phosphorus by modified bentonite:polyvinylidene fluoride membrane - Study of adsorption performance and mechanism., ,

Hajibabania S; Verliefde A; Drewes JE; Nghiem LD; McDonald J; Khan S; Le-Clech P, 2011, Effect of fouling on removal of trace organic compounds by nanofiltration, ,

Charlton A; Li Q; Omar A; Dang B; Le-Clech P; Taylor R, A Novel Concentrated Solar Membrane-Distillation for Water Purification in a Building Integrated Design, ,

Subtil EL; Ragio RA; Lemos HG; Scaratti G; Garcia J; Le-Clech P, Direct Membrane Filtration (Dmf) of Municipal Wastewater by Mixed Matrix Membranes (Mmms) Filled with Graphene Oxide (Go): Towards a Circular Sanitation Model, ,

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