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Select Publications


Wang P; Johnston I, 2019, The Mingjia & Related Texts,

Wang P, 2017, Chinese For Advanced Learners: Language, Society and Culture, UNSW Press, Sydney: UNSW

Wang P, 2012, Daxue & Zhongyong, 1st, The Chinese University Press, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Book Chapters

Wang P, 2020, 'Notes on the Relationship between the Gongsun Longzi and the Dialectical Chapters of the Mozi', in Suter R; Indraccolo L; Behr W (ed.), The Gongsun Longzi and Other Neglected Texts: Aligning Philosophical and Philological Perspectives, De Gruyter, Berlin: Germany, pp. 45 - 86,

Wang P, 2020, 'The Gongsun Longzi: A Historical Overview (978-3-11-058781-3)', in Suter R; Indraccolo L; Behr W (ed.), The Gongsun Longzi and Other Neglected Texts: Aligning Philosophical and Philological Perspectives, De Gruyter, Berlin, Germany, pp. 25 - 44,

Wang P, 2017, '“The Chinese Concept of Friendship: Confucian Ethics and the Literati Narratives of Pre-Modern China”', in Conceptualising Friendship in Time and Place, Brill Value Inquiry Book Series / So, Leiden & Boston, pp. 25 - 58

Wang P, 2016, 'Chi Li, Lang Ping, Nie Hualing', in Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Women The Twentieth Century 1912–2000 (Chinese edition), Sydney University Press, Sydney, pp. 128, 341, 478 - 132, 343, 482

Wang P, 2014, 'Li Qingzhao', in Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Women, Routledge, pp. 214 - 220,

Wang P, 2013, 'To Stay or to Leave: The Dilemma of Ancient Chinese Literati and Exilic Writing', in Journeys and Destinations; Studies in Travel, Identity, and Meaning, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp. 217 - 242,

Wang P, 2008, 'Review of Stephen Owen’s The Making of Early Chinese Classical Poetry. Harvard University Press, 2006', in Asian Studies Review, edn. 32 (4) 2008., Blackwell Publishing Ltd, Oxford, England, pp. 539 - 541

Wang P, 2005, 'Review on Figments of the Supernatural', in MCLC Resource Center Publications, edn. Original, Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures, The Ohio State University, online at:, pp. 1 - 6

Journal articles

Johnston I; Wang P, 2014, 'Reply to Curie Virág', Dao, 13, pp. 589 - 590,

Johnston I; Wang P, 2014, 'Reply to Curie Virág', Dao,

Wang P, 2013, 'The Inner Workings of Lu Xun’s Mind: Behind the Author’s Pen-Names', Frontiers of Literary Studies in China, 7, pp. 459 - 482,

Wang P, 2012, 'From Luzhen to Sendai: Locality and Metonym in Lu Xun's Pseudonyms', Provincial China, Vol. 4, pp. 27 - 67

Wang P, 2012, 'Lasting Sorrow: Chinese Literati's Emotions on their journeys', Literature & Aesthetics, 22, pp. 234 - 256,;dn=771394618857571;res=IELLCC

Wang P, 2010, 'A Solitary Boat in the Autumn Chill: Chinese Ci-Poetry and Literati Painting', Literature and Aesthetics, 20, pp. 123 - 153

Wang P, 2008, 'Catching butterflies: a stylistic approach to classical Chinese ci- poetry', Linguistics and the Human Sciences, 2, pp. 461 - 483

Wang P, 2007, 'The Historical and Cultural Contexts of Chinese Language', China Insights Today, 1, pp. 14 - 17

Conference Papers

Wang P, 2012, 'A multi-dimensional Approach to Chinese Language and Culture', in Conference Procedding, 2012 TCLT7 Organizing Committee, National Foreign Language Resource Centre, University of Hawaii, Hololulu: University of Hawaii, pp. 421 - 428, presented at The 7th International Conference & Workshops on Technology and Chinese Language Teaching, University of Hawaii at Manoa, 25 May 2012 - 27 May 2012,

Conference Presentations

Wang P, 2009, '“Classical Chinese Poetry and Literati Painting”', presented at the Chinese Studies Association of Australia (CSAA) Biannual conference, University of Sydney, 09 July 2009 - 11 July 2009

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