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Grossman P; Izumi M; Snyder N, 2022, Graded extensions of generalized Haagerup categories, ,

Grossman P; Morrison S; Penneys D; Peters E; Snyder N, 2018, The Extended Haagerup fusion categories, ,

Grossman P, 2016, Fusion Categories Associated to Subfactors with Index $3+\sqrt{5}$, ,

Grossman P, 2015, Existence of the $AH+2$ subfactor, ,

Grossman P; Izumi M, 2015, Drinfeld centers of fusion categories arising from generalized Haagerup subfactors, ,

Grossman P; Izumi M; Snyder N, 2015, The Asaeda-Haagerup fusion categories, ,

Grossman P; Jordan D; Snyder N, 2012, Cyclic extensions of fusion categories via the Brauer-Picard groupoid, ,

Grossman P; Snyder N, 2012, The Brauer-Picard group of the Asaeda-Haagerup fusion categories, ,

Grossman P; Snyder N, 2011, Quantum subgroups of the Haagerup fusion categories, ,

Asaeda M; Grossman P, 2010, A quadrilateral in the Asaeda-Haagerup category, ,

Grossman P; Izumi M, 2007, Classification of Noncommuting Quadrilaterals of Factors, ,

Grossman P; Wiggins A, 2007, Strong Singularity for Subfactors, ,

Grossman P, 2006, Forked Temperley-Lieb Algebras and Intermediate Subfactors, ,

Grossman P; Jones VFR, 2004, Intermediate Subfactors with No Extra Structure, ,

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