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Niven RK; Cordier L; Mohammad-Djafari A; Abel M; Quade M, 2024, Dynamical System Identification, Model Selection and Model Uncertainty Quantification by Bayesian Inference, ,

Niven RK, 2023, Dimensionless Groups by Entropic Similarity, ,

Niven RK, 2021, New Classes of Conservation Laws Based on Generalized Fluid Densities and Reynolds Transport Theorems, ,

Niven RK; Cordier L; Kaiser E; Schlegel M; Noack BR, 2018, Rethinking the Reynolds Transport Theorem, Liouville Equation, and Perron-Frobenius and Koopman Operators, ,

Gout J; Quade M; Shafi K; Niven RK; Abel M, 2016, Learning Optimal Control of Synchronization in Networks of Coupled Oscillators using Genetic Programming-based Symbolic Regression, ,

Quade M; Abel M; Shafi K; Niven RK; Noack BR, 2016, Prediction of Dynamical Systems by Symbolic Regression, ,

Niven RK; Noack BR, 2014, Control Volume Analysis, Entropy Balance and the Entropy Production in Flow Systems, ,

Niven RK; Noack BR, 2014, Discussion of Di Vita, A., On information thermodynamics and scale invariance in fluid dynamics, Journal of Thermodynamics & Catalysis 3: e108 (2012), ,

Kaiser E; Noack BR; Cordier L; Spohn A; Segond M; Abel M; Daviller G; Östh J; Krajnović S; Niven RK, 2013, Cluster-based reduced-order modelling of a mixing layer, ,

Niven RK; Grendar M, 2008, Generalized Maxwell-Boltzmann, Bose-Einstein, Fermi-Dirac and Acharya-Swamy Statistics and the Polya Urn Model, ,

Grendar M; Niven RK, 2006, The Polya Urn: Limit Theorems, Polya Divergence, Maximum Entropy and Maximum Probability, ,

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