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Jayasuriya R; Razee H; Brentnall L; Whittaker M; Yap L; Chakumai K; Brentnall , 2011, Voices from the Field: Factors Influencing Rural Health Worker Performance in Papua New Guinea, Original, University of New South Wales, Sydney


Book Chapters

Perera M; Jayasuriya R, 2011, 'A Critical Review of Epidemiological Studies of Near Death Experiences 2001-2010', in Perera M; Jagadheesan K; Peake A (ed.), Making Sense of Near-Death Experiences: A Handbook for Clinicians, edn. 1, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London, pp. 36 - 50,

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Journal articles

Thapa P; Narasimhan P; Beek K; Hall JJ; Jayasuriya R; Mukherjee PS; Sheokand S; Heitkamp P; Shukla P; Klinton JS; Yellappa V; Mudgal N; Pai M, 2024, 'Unlocking the potential of informal healthcare providers in tuberculosis care: Insights from India', BMJ Global Health, 9, pp. e015212,

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Perera BPR; Caldera A; Godamunne P; Stewart-Brown S; Wickremasinghe AR; Jayasuriya R, 2022, 'Measuring mental well-being in Sri Lanka: validation of the Warwick Edinburgh Mental Well-being Scale (WEMWBS) in a Sinhala speaking community', BMC Psychiatry, 22,

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