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Farr-Wharton B; Bentley T; Onnis LA; Caponecchia C; Neto ADA; O’Neill S; Andrew C; O'Neill S, 2023, 'Older Worker-Orientated Human Resource Practices, Wellbeing and Leave Intentions: A Conservation of Resources Approach for Ageing Workforces', International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 20, pp. 1 - 13,

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Long JC; Debono D; Williams R; Salisbury E; O'Neill S; Eykman E; Butler J; Rawson R; Phan-Thien KC; Thompson SR; Braithwaite J; Chin M; Taylor N, 2018, 'Using behaviour change and implementation science to address low referral rates in oncology', BMC Health Services Research, 18, pp. 904,

Taylor N; Long JC; Debono D; Williams R; Salisbury E; O'Neill S; Eykman E; Braithwaite J; Chin M, 2016, 'Achieving behaviour change for detection of Lynch syndrome using the Theoretical Domains Framework Implementation (TDFI) approach: A study protocol', BMC Health Services Research, 16, pp. 89,

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Clarke KJ; Flanagan J; O'Neill S, 2011, 'Winning ARC grants: comparing accounting with other commerce-related disciplines', Accounting Research Journal, 24, pp. 213 - 244

Clarke KJ, 2005, 'Is the Environmental Professional... an Accountant?', Greener Management International, 49, pp. 110 - 125,

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