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Gharleghi R; Zhang M; Shen C; Webster M; Ellis C; Beier S, 2024, Assessing Left Main Bifurcation Anatomy and Haemodynamics: A Potential Surrogate for Disease Risk in Suspected Coronary Artery Disease Without Stenosis?, ,

Zhang M; Gharleghi R; Shen C; Beier S, 2023, Exploring the Interplay of Left Coronary Tree Anatomy and Haemodynamics: Implications for Plaque Formation, ,

Gharleghi R; Zhang M; Adikari D; McGrath-Cadell L; Graham RM; Wentzel J; Webster M; Ellis C; Ooi S-Y; Beier S, 2023, Sex-Specific Variances in Anatomy and Blood Flow of the Left Main Coronary Bifurcation: Implications for Coronary Artery Disease Risk, ,

Zhang S; Gharleghi R; Singh S; Sowmya A; Beier S, 2023, Assessing Encoder-Decoder Architectures for Robust Coronary Artery Segmentation, ,

Kapoor A; Jepson N; Bressloff NW; Loh PH; Ray T; Beier S, 2023, The Road to the Ideal Stent: A Review of Stent Design Optimisation Methods, Findings, and Opportunities, ,

Gharleghi R; Adikari D; Ellenberger K; Webster M; Ellis C; Sowmya A; Ooi S-Y; Beier S, 2022, Computed tomography coronary angiogram images, annotations and associated data of normal and diseased arteries, ,

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