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Millán RD; Roshchina V, 2021, The intrinsic core and minimal faces of convex sets in general vector spaces,

Peiris V; Sukhorukova N; Roshchina V, 2021, Deep Learning with Nonsmooth Objectives,

Lourenço BF; Roshchina V; Saunderson J, 2021, Hyperbolicity cones are amenable,

Lourenço BF; Roshchina V; Saunderson J, 2020, Amenable cones are particularly nice,

Roshchina V; Sukhorukova N; Ugon J, 2019, Uniqueness of solutions in multivariate Chebyshev approximation problems,

Martínez-Legaz JE; Roshchina V; Todorov M, 2018, On the Structure of Higher Order Voronoi Cells,

Millán RD; Lindstrom SB; Roshchina V, 2018, Comparing Averaged Relaxed Cutters and Projection Methods: Theory and Examples,

Cominetti R; Roshchina V; Williamson A, 2018, A counterexample to De Pierro's conjecture on the convergence of under-relaxed cyclic projections,

Roshchina V; Tunçel L, 2017, Facially Dual Complete (Nice) cones and lexicographic tangents,

Eberhard A; Roshchina V; Sang T, 2017, Outer limits of subdifferentials for min-max type functions,

Roshchina V; Sang T; Yost D, 2016, Compact convex sets with prescribed facial dimensions,

Baier R; Farkhi E; Roshchina V, 2015, From Quasidifferentiable to Directed Subdifferentiable Functions: Exact Calculus Rules,

Pena J; Roshchina V; Soheili N, 2013, Some preconditioners for systems of linear inequalities,

Plakhov A; Roshchina V, 2013, Bodies with mirror surface invisible from two points,

Baier R; Farkhi E; Roshchina V, 2012, Directed Subdifferentiable Functions and the Directed Subdifferential without Delta-Convex Structure,

Plakhov A; Roshchina V, 2012, Invisibility in billiards is impossible in an infinite number of directions,

Briquel I; Cucker F; Pena J; Roshchina V, 2012, Fast Computation of Zeros of Polynomial Systems with Bounded Degree under Finite-precision,

Plakhov A; Roshchina V, 2011, Bodies invisible from one point,

Plakhov A; Roshchina V, 2011, Fractal bodies invisible in 2 and 3 directions,

Cucker F; Peña J; Roshchina V, 2011, Solving second-order conic systems with variable precision,

Plakhov A; Roshchina V, 2010, Invisibility in billiards,

Mordukhovich B; Peña J; Roshchina V, 2010, Applying Metric Regularity to Compute a Condition Measure of a Smoothing Algorithm for Matrix Games,

Lakshtanov E; Roshchina V, 2010, Finiteness in the Card Game of War,

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