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Nguyen Q; Gomes S; Alnahhal M; Li W; Kim T; Castel A, 2023, 'Testing Geopolymer Concrete Performance in Chloride Environment', in International RILEM Conference on Synergising expertise towards sustainability and robustness of CBMs and concrete structures Volume 2, Springer Link,

Dong W; Li W; Liebscher M; Mechtcherine V, 2023, 'Development of Self-sensing Cementitious Composites with Improved Water and Chloride Resistance', in RILEM Bookseries, pp. 499 - 508,

Li W; Dong W; Shah SP, 2022, 'Piezoresistivity of Carbon Black/Cement-Based Sensor Enhanced with Polypropylene Fibre', in RILEM Bookseries, pp. 889 - 899,

Zhang X; Tang Z; Ke G; Li W, 2021, 'Mechanical properties and durability of sustainable concrete containing various industrial solid wastes', in Transportation Research Record, pp. 797 - 810,

Tang Z; Li W, 2021, 'Utilization of recycled aggregate in geopolymer concrete development: A case study', in Low Carbon Stabilization and Solidification of Hazardous Wastes, pp. 343 - 354,

Tang Z; Li WG; Li PR; Shah SP, 2020, 'Durability of Sustainable Construction Materials with Solid Wastes', in Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering, pp. 3 - 13,

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