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Nair SP; Quigley A; Moa A; Chughtai AA; Macintyre CR, 2023, Monitoring the burden of COVID-19 and impact of hospital transfer policies on Australian aged-care residents in residential aged-care facilities: a retrospective cohort study, ,

Aleem M; Chughtai A; Rahman B; Akhtar Z; Chowdury F; Qadri F; MacIntyre CR, 2023, Prevalence of influenza and other acute respiratory illnesses in patients with acute myocardial infarction in Bangladesh: a cross-sectional study, ,

Quigley AL; Nguyen PY; Stone H; Heslop D; Chughtai AA; MacIntyre R, 2020, Estimated Mask Use and Temporal Relationship to COVID-19 Epidemiology of Black Lives Matter Protests in 12 Cities, ,

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