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Bentvelzen A; Chander R; Foo H; Lee T; Lipnicki D; Sachdev P, 2023, 'Neuropsychological Assessment of Cognitive Aging', in The SAGE Handbook of Clinical Neuropsychology Clinical Neuropsychological Assessment and Diagnosis, SAGE, London, UK, pp. 77 - 93,

Journal articles

Truong QC; Cervin M; Choo CC; Numbers K; Bentvelzen AC; Kochan NA; Brodaty H; Sachdev PS; Medvedev ON, 2024, 'Examining the validity of the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) and its domains using network analysis', Psychogeriatrics, 24, pp. 259 - 271,

Saks DG; Bajorek B; Catts VS; Bentvelzen AC; Jiang J; Wen W; Mather KA; Thalamuthu A; Huang-Lung J; Nivison-Smith L; Griffiths LR; Smith RA; Sexton A; James P; Jayasena T; Poljak A; Hansra GK; Hosoki S; Park A; Hillenbrand CM; van Wijngaarden P; Chander RJ; Humphrey S; Chen R; Kochan NA; Helman TJ; Levi C; Brodtmann A; O'Sullivan MJ; Markus R; Butcher K; Parsons M; Kovacic JC; Sachdev PS, 2024, 'The protocol for an observational Australian cohort study of CADASIL: The AusCADASIL study', Cerebral Circulation - Cognition and Behavior, 6,

Picard GK; Bentvelzen AC; Savage G; Barnier A; Strutt PA, 2024, 'Hear Me Out: A Meta-Analysis of Third-Party Disability Due to Presbycusis.', Ear Hear, 45, pp. 297 - 305,

Truong QC; Cervin M; Choo CC; Numbers K; Bentvelzen AC; Merkin AG; Sachdev PS; Feigin VL; Brodaty H; Kochan NA; Medvedev ON, 2023, 'Using network analysis to validate domains of the modified telephone interview for cognitive status', European Journal of Clinical Investigation, 53, pp. e14016,

Truong QC; Choo C; Numbers K; Bentvelzen A; Merkin AG; Brodaty H; Kochan NA; Feigin VL; Sachdev PS; Medvedev ON, 2023, 'Enhancing Precision of the Telephone Interview for Cognitive Status–Modified (TICS-M) Using the Rasch Model', Psychological Assessment, 35, pp. 559 - 571,

Cataldi R; Sachdev PS; Chowdhary N; Seeher K; Bentvelzen A; Moorthy V; Dua T, 2023, 'A WHO blueprint for action to reshape dementia research', Nature Aging, 3, pp. 469 - 471,

Truong QC; Numbers K; Choo CC; Bentvelzen AC; Catts VS; Cervin M; Jorm AF; Kochan NA; Brodaty H; Sachdev PS; Medvedev ON, 2023, 'Establishing conversion of the 16-item Informant Questionnaire on Cognitive Decline in the Elderly scores into interval-level data across multiple samples using Rasch methodology', Psychogeriatrics, 23, pp. 411 - 421,

Bahar‐Fuchs A; Mowszowski L; Pike KE; Lampit A; Lee A; Bentvelzen A; Mehrani I; Naismith SL, 2023, 'Delivery of cognition‐oriented treatments for older people with MCI in Australian Memory Clinics: A pilot implementation study', Alzheimer's & Dementia, 19,

Bentvelzen AC; Kessels RPC; Badcock NA; Savage G, 2022, 'The Impact of Right Temporal Lobe Epilepsy On Nonverbal Memory: Meta-regression of Stimulus- and Task-related Moderators', Neuropsychology Review, 32, pp. 537 - 557,

Kochan NA; Croot K; Crawford JD; Allison KC; Rossie M; Brodaty H; Lam BCP; Henry JD; Lee T; Draper B; Close J; Ong MY; Bentvelzen A; Sachdev PS, 2022, 'Computer‐administered neuropsychological assessment batteries: Validity, reliability, and user experience in an Australian sample of community‐living older adults in the CogSCAN Study', Alzheimer's & Dementia, 18,

Bentvelzen AC; Kessels RPC; Badcock NA; Savage G, 2022, 'Correction to: The Impact of Right Temporal Lobe Epilepsy on Nonverbal Memory: Meta-regression of Stimulus- and Task-related Moderators.', Neuropsychol Rev, 32, pp. 558 - 565,

Bentvelzen AC; Crawford JD; Theobald A; Maston K; Slavin MJ; Reppermund S; Kang K; Numbers K; Brodaty H; Sachdev P; Kochan NA, 2019, 'Validation and Normative Data for the Modified Telephone Interview for Cognitive Status: The Sydney Memory and Ageing Study', Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 67, pp. 2108 - 2115,

Bentvelzen A; Aerts L; Seeher K; Wesson J; Brodaty H, 2017, 'A Comprehensive Review of the Quality and Feasibility of Dementia Assessment Measures: The Dementia Outcomes Measurement Suite', Journal of the American Medical Directors Association, 18, pp. 826 - 837,


Pike KE; Li L; Naismith S; Bahar-Fuchs A; Lee A; Mehrani I; Bentvelzen A; Lautenschlager N; O'Connell M; Blackberry I; Mowszowski L, 2023, Implementation of Cognitive (Neuropsychological) Interventions for Older Adults in Clinical or Community settings: A Scoping Review, ,

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