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Said M; Bartlett A, 2020, 'Immune Dysfunction and Antiretroviral Therapy Challenges in Children and Adolescents Living with Human Immunodeficiency Virus', in Saxena S (ed.), Innate Immunity in Health and Disease, IntechOpen,

Bartlett A; Palasanthiran P; Hogeling M; Wargon O, 2016, 'Skin Signs of Systemic Diseases', in Hogeling M (ed.), Case-based Inpatient Pediatric Dermatology, Springer, pp. 229 - 240,*~hmac=26b1e6c15508ca973181819ceb7f97dfe80be131c4f1ed9f1d19dc9e2c92c190

Bartlett AW; Ooi CY, 2013, 'Emerging Therapies for Parenteral Nutrition-Associated Liver Failure in Children: A Focus on Preventative Strategies', in Peralta C; Fontana L (ed.), Liver Failure, Nova Biomedical Books

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