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Noushini A; Castel A; Aldred J; Rawal A, 2020, 'Chloride diffusion resistance and chloride binding capacity of fly ash-based geopolymer concrete', Cement and Concrete Composites, vol. 105,

Mehmood R; Mofarah SS; Rawal A; Tomasetig F; Wang X; Yang JL; Koshy P; Sorrell CC, 2019, 'Green Synthesis of Zwitterion-Functionalized Nano-Octahedral Ceria for Enhanced Intracellular Delivery and Cancer Therapy', ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, vol. 7, pp. 9189 - 9201,

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Procházková E; Cao C; Rawal A; Dračínský M; Bhattacharyya S; Císařová I; Hook JM; Stenzel MH, 2019, 'Polymorphic Transformation of Drugs Induced by Glycopolymeric Vesicles Designed for Anticancer Therapy Probed by Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy', ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, vol. 11, pp. 28278 - 28288,

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Feng J; Zhang Y; McManus SA; Qian R; Ristroph KD; Ramachandruni H; Gong K; White CE; Rawal A; Prud'homme RK, 2019, 'Amorphous nanoparticles by self-assembly: processing for controlled release of hydrophobic molecules', Soft Matter, vol. 15, pp. 2400 - 2410,

Shikhov I; Thomas DS; Rawal A; Yao Y; Gizatullin B; Hook JM; Stapf S; Arns C, 2019, 'Application of low-field, 1H/13C high-field solution and solid state NMR for characterisation of oil fractions responsible for wettability change in sandstones', Magnetic Resonance Imaging, vol. 56, pp. 77 - 85,

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Sehrawat D; Cheong S; Rawal A; Glushenkov AM; Brand HEA; Cowie B; Gonzalo E; Rojo T; Naeyaert PJP; Ling CD; Avdeev M; Sharma N, 2019, 'Investigation of K modified P2 Na 0.7 Mn 0.8 Mg 0.2 O 2 as a cathode material for sodium-ion batteries', CrystEngComm, vol. 21, pp. 172 - 181,

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Wu S; Mo J; Zeng Y; Wang Y; Rawal A; Scott J; Su Z; Ren W; Chen S; Wang K; Chen W; Zhang Y; Zhao C; Chen X, 2019, 'Shock Exfoliation of Graphene Fluoride in Microwave', Small, pp. e1903397,

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Cao Z; Adnan NNM; Wang G; Rawal A; Shi B; Liu R; Liang K; Zhao L; Gooding JJ; Boyer C; Gu Z, 2018, 'Enhanced colloidal stability and protein resistance of layered double hydroxide nanoparticles with phosphonic acid-terminated PEG coating for drug delivery', Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, vol. 521, pp. 242 - 251,

Solomon MB; Rawal A; Hook JM; Cohen SM; Kubiak CP; Jolliffe KA; D'Alessandro DM, 2018, 'Electroactive Co(iii) salen metal complexes and the electrophoretic deposition of their porous organic polymers onto glassy carbon', RSC Advances, vol. 8, pp. 24128 - 24142,

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Ghasemian MB; Rawal A; Wang F; Chu D; Wang D, 2017, 'Lattice evolution and enhanced piezoelectric properties of hydrothermally synthesised 0.94(Bi0.5Na0.5)TiO3-0.06BaTiO3 nanofibers', Journal of Materials Chemistry C, vol. 5, pp. 10976 - 10984,

Rafiq MK; Joseph SD; Li F; Bai Y; Shang Z; Rawal A; Hook JM; Munroe PR; Donne S; Taherymoosavi S; Mitchell DRG; Pace B; Mohammed M; Horvat J; Marjo CE; Wagner A; Wang Y; Ye J; Long RJ, 2017, 'Pyrolysis of attapulgite clay blended with yak dung enhances pasture growth and soil health: Characterization and initial field trials', Science of the Total Environment, vol. 607-608, pp. 184 - 194,

Cazorla Silva C; Lai Q; Rawal A; Quadir MZ; Demirci UB; Aguey-Zinsou K, 2017, 'Nanosizing Ammonia Borane with Nickel: A Path toward the Direct Hydrogen Release and Uptake of B-N-H Systems', Advanced Sustainable Systems, vol. 1, pp. 1700122 - 1700122,

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Xu S; Hossain MM; Lau BBY; To TQ; Rawal A; Aldous L, 2017, 'Total quantification and extraction of shikimic acid from star anise (llicium verum) using solid-state NMR and cellulose-dissolving aqueous hydroxide solutions', Sustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy, vol. 5, pp. 115 - 121,

Pramudita JC; Rawal A; Choucair M; Pontiroli D; Magnani G; Gaboardi M; Riccò M; Sharma N, 2017, 'Mechanisms of sodium insertion/extraction on the surface of defective graphenes', ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, vol. 9, pp. 431 - 438,

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Han L; Jiang XG; Lu TL; Wang BS; Xu J; Zhan YZ; Wang JF; Rawal A; Zhao C, 2017, 'Preparation of composite zeolites in polymer hydrogels and their catalytic performances in the methanol-to-olefin reaction', Fuel Processing Technology, vol. 165, pp. 87 - 93,

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