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Bazbauers AR; Group TF; Engel S, 2021, The Global Architecture of Multilateral Development Banks A System of Debt Or Development?, Routledge

Bazbauers AR, 2017, The World Bank and Transferring Development Policy Movement through Technical Assistance, Springer

Book Chapters

Bazbauers A; Engel S, 2020, 'Multilateral Development Banks: Washington Consensus, Beijing Consensus, or banking consensus', in Rethinking Multilateralism in Foreign Aid Beyond the Neoliberal Hegemony, Routledge, pp. 113 - 131

Journal articles

Bazbauers AR; Madkour N, 2024, 'Gender and the Multilateral Development Banks: From WID to GAD to Retroliberal WID', Progress in Development Studies, 24, pp. 165 - 184,

Bazbauers AR, 2023, 'The multilateral development banks: Conceptualising and operationalising gender', Women's Studies International Forum, 99,

Bazbauers AR, 2022, 'Translating climate strategies into action: An analysis of the sustainable, green, and resilient city action plans of the multilateral development banks', Development Policy Review, 40,

Bazbauers AR, 2022, 'Sustainable, green, and climate-resilient cities: an analysis of multilateral development banks', Climate and Development, 14, pp. 689 - 704,

Bazbauers AR, 2020, 'World Bank technical assistance: participation, policy movement, and sympathetic interlocutors', Policy Studies, 41, pp. 567 - 585,

Bazbauers AR, 2019, 'The Relational Dynamics of World Bank Survey Missions', International Journal of Public Administration, 42, pp. 28 - 40,

Bazbauers AR, 2019, 'World Bank technical assistance: Locating and cultivating sympathetic interlocutors', Development Policy Review, 37, pp. 638 - 656,

Bazbauers AR, 2017, 'World Bank Technical Assistance: The Relational Dynamics of Policy Movement', Public Administration and Development, 37, pp. 246 - 259,

Bazbauers AR, 2016, 'The world bank as a development teacher', Global Governance, 22, pp. 409 - 426,

Bazbauers AR, 2015, 'The World Bank online: Inclusion and exclusion through digital networks', Canadian Journal of Development Studies, 36, pp. 330 - 343,

Bazbauers AR, 2014, 'The wolfensohn, wolfowitz, and zoellick presidencies: Revitalising the neoliberal agenda of the world bank', Forum for Development Studies, 41, pp. 91 - 114,

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