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Hazenberg G; Joiner K; Swidan A, 2021, 'Quantification of Wing in Ground Effect for Application in Conceptual Maritime Surveillance Drone Design (Submitted)', Transactions of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects Part A: International Journal of Maritime Engineering

Hunter B; Swidan A; Joiner K, 2021, 'Refining landing load estimates for the Conceptual Design of a Wing-In-Ground Maritime Surveillance Drone (Preparation)', IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering

Atkinson SR; Skinner CJ; Joiner K; Caldwell NHM; Swidan A, 2020, 'Important Trends and Junctures in Warship Design', Marine Systems & Ocean Technology, vol. 15, pp. 135 - 150,

Swidan A; Thomas G; Penesis I; Ranmuthugala D; Amin W; Allen T; Battley M, 2017, 'Wetdeck slamming loads on a developed catamaran hullform–experimental investigation', Ships and Offshore Structures, vol. 12, pp. 653 - 661,

Swidan A; Thomas G; Ranmuthugala D; Amin W; Penesis I; Allen T; Battley M, 2016, 'Experimental drop test investigation into wetdeck slamming loads on a generic catamaran hullform', Ocean Engineering, vol. 117, pp. 143 - 153,

Swidan A; Amin W; Ranmuthugala D; Thomas G; Penesis I, 2013, 'Numerical Prediction of Symmetric Water Impact Loads on Wedge Shaped Hull Form Using CFD', World Journal of Mechanics, vol. 03, pp. 311 - 318,

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