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Korolev A, 2023, A ‘No Limits’ Partnership? China-Russia Strategic Cooperation, ,

Korolev A, 2023, Beyond the Putin-Xi Relationship: China, Russia, and Great Power Politics, ,

Korolev A, 2022, How closely aligned are China and Russia, really?, ,

Korolev A, 2022, Only neutrality can solve the geopolitical deadlock: Punishing Russia isn’t ending the war, Institute of Arts and Ideas, London, London, ,

Korolev A, 2022, Why China won’t condemn Putin’s Ukraine war, East Asia Forum, Australia, ,

Korolev A, 2022, The US can’t break the Russia-China alliance, Institute of Arts and Ideas, London, London, ,

Korolev A, 2022, The Never-Ending Ukraine Crisis: Nothing Personal, It’s Strictly Geopolitics, Australian Institute of International Affairs, Australia, ,

Korolev A, 2021, Russia’s Growing Presence in the Indo-Pacific and Why China Accepts It, U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, USA, ,

Korolev A, 2020, China–Russia cooperation on missile attack early warning systems, East Asia Forum, Australian National University, ,

Korolev A, 2017, From ‘Post-Factum Consultation’ to ‘Pre-Factum Coordination’ in China-Russia Relations, National University of Singapore, Singapore, ,

Korolev A, 2017, China-Russia Strategic Cooperation: The West has So Far Gotten it Wrong, Singapore, ,

Korolev A, 2017, The Two Levels of Russia’s South China Sea Strategy, Washington, DC: East-West Center, Washington, USA, ,

Korolev A, 2016, Systemic Balancing and Regional Hedging: Russia’s Relations with China and India, Centre on Asia and Globalisation, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, Singapore, ,

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