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Moradi S; Omar A; Zhou Z; Agostino A; Gandomkar Z; Bustamante H; Power K; Henderson R; Leslie G, 2023, 'Forecasting and Optimizing Dual Media Filter Performance via Machine Learning', Water Research, 235,

Ellersdorfer P; Omar A; Taylor RA; Daiyan R; Leslie G, 2023, 'Multi-effect distillation: a sustainable option to large-scale green hydrogen production using solar energy', International Journal of Hydrogen Energy,

Mirza NR; Fernandes D; Li Q; Omar A; Zhao S; Xie Z; Taylor R; Allen J; Feron P, 2023, 'Reclaiming water from a direct air capture plant using vacuum membrane distillation – A bench-scale study', Separation and Purification Technology, 305, pp. 1 - 30,

Li Q; Charlton AJ; Omar A; Dang B; Le-Clech P; Scott J; Taylor RA, 2022, 'A novel concentrated solar membrane-distillation for water purification in a building integrated design', Desalination, 535, pp. 115828 - 115828,

Omar A; Saldivia D; Li Q; Barraza R; Taylor RA, 2021, 'Techno-economic optimization of coupling a cascaded MED system to a CSP-sCO2 power plant', Energy Conversion and Management, 247, pp. 1 - 38,

Omar A; Li Q; Nashed A; Guan J; Dai P; Taylor RA, 2021, 'Experimental and numerical investigation of a new hollow fiber-based multi-effect vacuum membrane distillation design', Desalination, 501,

Omar A; Nashed A; Li Q; Taylor RA, 2021, 'Experimental and numerical evaluation of the energy requirement of multi-stage vacuum membrane distillation designs', Separation and Purification Technology, 257, pp. 117303 - 117303,

Li Q; Omar A; Cha-Umpong W; Liu Q; Li X; Wen J; Wang Y; Razmjou A; Guan J; Taylor RA, 2020, 'The potential of hollow fiber vacuum multi-effect membrane distillation for brine treatment', Applied Energy, 276,

Li Q; Lian B; Zhong W; Omar A; Razmjou A; Dai P; Guan J; Leslie G; Taylor RA, 2020, 'Improving the performance of vacuum membrane distillation using a 3D-printed helical baffle and a superhydrophobic nanocomposite membrane', Separation and Purification Technology, 248, pp. 117072 - 117072,

Omar A; Nashed A; Li Q; Leslie G; Taylor RA, 2020, 'Pathways for integrated concentrated solar power - Desalination: A critical review', Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 119, pp. 109609 - 109609,

Saghafifar M; Omar A; Mohammadi K; Alashkar A; Gadalla M, 2019, 'A review of unconventional bottoming cycles for waste heat recovery: Part I – Analysis, design, and optimization', Energy Conversion and Management, 198,

Omar A; Saghafifar M; Mohammadi K; Alashkar A; Gadalla M, 2019, 'A review of unconventional bottoming cycles for waste heat recovery: Part II – Applications', Energy Conversion and Management, 180, pp. 559 - 583,

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Omar A; Saghafifar M; Gadalla M, 2016, 'Thermo-economic analysis of air saturator integration in conventional combined power cycles', Applied Thermal Engineering, 107, pp. 1104 - 1122,

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