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Brooks A; Lorange A; Grealy L, 2021, 'Everything Must Change', Infrastructural Inequalities Journal,

Brooks A; Lorange A, 2021, 'There’s a riot goin’ on', Continuum, vol. 35, pp. 123 - 136,

Navin Brooks A, 2020, 'Fugitive Listening: Sounds from the Undercommons', Theory, Culture and Society, vol. 37, pp. 25 - 45,

Brooks A, 2020, 'Between Nothingness and Infinity', Art + Australia, pp. 118 - 127,

Brooks A; Lorange A, 2020, '22nd Biennale of Sydney, “Nirin”', Art Agenda,

Brooks A, 2020, 'Listening beyond the border: Self-representation, witnessing, and the white sonic field', Law Text Culture, vol. 24,

Brooks A; Lorange A; Grealy L; Lea T; Cornell C, 2019, 'Tending a Social Infrastructure', Infrastructural Inequalities Journal,

Brooks A, 2019, 'Listening to the indefinite', Runway Journal, vol. 39,

Brooks A; Lorange A, 2019, 'no trouble here: : On Sally M. Nangala Mulda’s “Town Camp Anywhere”', Running Dog,

Brooks A; Lorange A, 2019, 'Rifles or Ruffles', The Lifted Brow, vol. 44, pp. 79 - 84,

Brooks A, 2019, 'The Murmur of the Crowd', Journal of Sonic Studies, vol. 18,

Brooks A; Melick T, 2019, 'The New Learning Centre', Art + Australia,

Lorange A; Brooks A, 2017, 'Gossip and its Minor Discourses', Discipline, vol. 4.5, pp. 35 - 50

Lorange A; Brooks A, 2017, 'Review: The National: New Australian Work', Art and Australia,

Brooks A, 2015, 'Glitch/Failure: Constructing a Queer Politics of Listening', Leonardo Music Journal, vol. 25, pp. 37 - 40,

Brooks A; Tan K, 2014, 'Notes on Translation', dasSUPERPAPER, vol. 33, pp. 46 - 49

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