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Finnane M; Kaladelfos A; Karstedt S, 2020, Femicide: An Intractable History, Online only, ,

Rademaker L; Piper A; Kaladelfos A; Silverstein J; Ellinghaus K; Tomsic M; Wolfe N; Rees Y, 2018, Sexual Abuse, Harassment and Discrimination "rife" among Australian academics, ,

Kaladelfos A; Fileborn B; Featherstone L; Robinson S; Smaal Y, 2018, Inquiry into LGBTIQ hate crime could improve how police and communities respond, ,

Kaladelfos A; Featherstone L, 2018, Man who burnt his wife alive gets at least 27 years’ jail, but not life – as victim was no stranger, ,

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