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Almeida C; Durand R; LaHood A; Byrne A; Mendoza-Ticona A; Ygnacio E; Durand F; Lecca L; Pita R; Guerra D; Wong M; Tintaya K; Mitnick C, 2024, “I have to breathe”: A mixed-methods pilot study to assess the feasibility, acceptability, cost, and effectiveness of an intervention for post-tuberculosis lung disease, ,

Cysique L; Jakabek D; Bracken S; Allen-Davidian Y; Heng B; Chow S; Dehhaghi M; Pires AS; Darley D; Byrne A; Phetsouphanh C; Kelleher A; Dore G; Matthews G; Guillemin G; Brew B, 2022, Post-acute COVID-19 cognitive impairment and decline uniquely associate with kynurenine pathway activation: a longitudinal observational study, ,

Menzies N; Quaife M; Allwood BW; Byrne AL; Coussens AK; Harries AD; Marx FM; Meghji J; Pedrazzoli D; Salomon JA; Sweeney S; van Kampen SC; Wallis RS; Houben RMGJ; Cohen T, The Lifetime Burden of Disease Due to Incident Tuberculosis: A Global Re-Appraisal Including Post-TB Sequelae, ,

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