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Drever S; Foord R; Mendoza Diaz A; Eapen V; Jairam R, 2024, 'Outcomes for young people in out of home care accessing tiered mental health services in Sydney, Australia', Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 29, pp. 116 - 126,

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Dullur P; Joseph J; Diaz AM; Lin PI; Jairam R; Davies R; Masi A; Shulruf B; Eapen V, 2023, 'Screening for Media Use in the Emergency Department among Young Australians: Cross-sectional Study', JMIR Formative Research, 7,

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Roach AC; Lechowicz M; Yiu Y; Mendoza Diaz A; Hawes D; Dadds MR, 2022, 'Using Time-out for Child Conduct Problems in the Context of Trauma and Adversity: A Nonrandomized Controlled Trial', JAMA Network Open, 5, pp. E2229726,

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Cibralic S; Alam M; Mendoza Diaz A; Woolfenden S; Katz I; Tzioumi D; Murphy E; Deering A; Mcnamara L; Raman S; Eapen V, 2022, 'Utility of screening for adverse childhood experiences (ACE) in children and young people attending clinical and healthcare settings: a systematic review', BMJ Open, 12,

Eapen V; Liaw ST; Lingam R; Woolfenden S; Jalaludin B; Page A; Kohlhoff J; Scott JG; Lawson KD; Lam-Cassettari C; Heussler H; Descallar J; Karlov L; Ong N; Colditz PB; Littlewood R; Murphy E; Deering A; Short K; Garg P; Blight V; Rodgers K; Chalmers L; Webb KL; Atkins H; Newcomb D; Beswick R; Thomas C; Marron C; Chambers A; Scheinpflug S; Statham M; Samaranayake D; Chay P; Tam CWM; Khan F; Diaz AM; Cibralic S; Winata T; Pritchard M; Liaw T; Mendoza Diaz A, 2022, 'Watch me grow integrated (WMG-I): protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial of a web-based surveillance approach for developmental screening in primary care settings', BMJ Open, 12, pp. e065823,

Ospina-Pinillos L; Davenport T; Mendoza Diaz A; Navarro-Mancilla A; Scott EM; Hickie IB, 2022, 'Erratum: Correction: Using Participatory Design Methodologies to Co-Design and Culturally Adapt the Spanish Version of the Mental Health eClinic: Qualitative Study (Journal of medical Internet research (2019) 21 8 (e14127))', Journal of medical Internet research, 24, pp. e37679 - e37679,

Foord R; Drever S; Mendoza Diaz A; Hobby L; Medel N; Burman C; Eapen V; Jairam R, 2022, 'An exploratory study protocol examining if assertive integrated service delivery better meets the psychosocial and mental health needs of young people in out of home care', Developmental Child Welfare, 4, pp. 41 - 55,

Eapen V; Woolfenden S; Schmied V; Jalaludin B; Lawson K; Liaw ST; Lingam R; Page A; Cibralic S; Winata T; Mendoza Diaz A; Lam-Cassettari C; Burley J; Boydell K; Lin P; Masi A; Katz I; Dadich A; Preddy J; Bruce J; Raman S; Kohlhoff J; Descallar J; Karlov L; Kaplun C; Arora A; Di Mento B; Smead M; Doyle K; Grace R; McClean T; Blight V; Wood A; Raine KH; Lin D; Lin P, 2021, '“Watch Me Grow- Electronic (WMG-E)” surveillance approach to identify and address child development, parental mental health, and psychosocial needs: study protocol', BMC Health Services Research, 21, pp. 1240,

Burnett D; Masi A; Diaz AM; Rizzo R; Lin PI; Eapen V; Mendoza Diaz A, 2021, 'Distress levels of parents of children with neurodevelopmental disorders during the COVID-19 pandemic: A comparison between Italy and Australia', International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18, pp. 11066,

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Dadds MR; Thai C; Mendoza Diaz A; Broderick J; Moul C; Tully LA; Hawes DJ; Davies S; Burchfield K; Cane L, 2021, 'Therapeut begeleide online behandeling voor gedragsproblemen bij kinderen van gezinnen in landelijke en stedelijke regio’s: twee gerandomiseerde, gecontroleerde studies', Gezinstherapie Wereldwijd, 32, pp. 99 - 128,

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Ospina-Pinillos L; Davenport T; Diaz AM; Navarro-Mancilla A; Scott EM; Hickie IB, 2019, 'Using Participatory Design Methodologies to Co-Design and Culturally Adapt the Spanish Version of the Mental Health eClinic:Qualitative Study', JOURNAL OF MEDICAL INTERNET RESEARCH, 21,

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Dadds MR; Moul C; Hawes DJ; Mendoza Diaz A; Brennan J, 2015, 'Individual Differences in Childhood Behavior Disorders Associated With Epigenetic Modulation of the Cortisol Receptor Gene', Child Development, 86, pp. 1311 - 1320,

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