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Glass AS, 2010, 'Privacy and Law', in Blatterer H; Johnson P; Markus MR (ed.), Modern Privacy Shifting Boundaries, New Forms, Springer, pp. 59 - 72

Glass AS; Booker KH, 2009, 'The Express Rights Provisions: Form and Substance (or opportunities taken and not taken)', in Lee HP; Gerangelos P (ed.), Constitutional Advancement in a Frozen Continent: Essays in honour of George Winterton, edn. Original, Federation Press, Leichhardt, NSW, pp. 617 - 642

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Glass AS, 2002, 'Phronesis and Legal Deliberation', in Grumley J; Crittenden P; Johnson P (ed.), Culture and Enlightenment: Essays for Gyorgy Markus, edn. Original, Ashgate, Aldershot, UK, pp. 289 - 304

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Glass AS; Booker KH, 1997, 'What Makes the Engineers Case a Classic?', in How Many Cheers for Engineers?, edn. Original, Federation Press, Sydney, pp. 45 - 71

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