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Wang S; Li M; Liu Y; Shi J; Azam A; Zu X; Qiao L; Reece P; Stride J; Yang J; Wang D; Li S, 2024, 'Fabrication of transferable ultrathin Au films with eminent thermal stability via a nanocrystalline MoS2 interlayer', Materials Today Nano, 25,

Wang S; White J; Li M; Azam A; Yang J; Zu X; Qiao L; Reece P; Stride J; Zhang S; Wang D; Wang Y; Li S, 2024, 'Size control of MoS2 quantum dots by varying the crystallographic orientation of sapphire substrates', Materials Today Chemistry, 35,

Azam A; Yang J; Li W; Huang JK; Li S, 2023, 'Tungsten diselenides (WSe2) quantum dots: Fundamental, properties, synthesis and applications', Progress in Materials Science, 132,

Wang S; Yang N; Li M; Zhang J; Azam A; Yao Y; Zu X; Qiao L; Reece P; Stride J; Yang J; Li S, 2022, 'Insight into the growth behaviors of MoS2 nanograins influenced by step edges and atomic structure of the substrate', Nano Research, 15, pp. 7646 - 7654,

Wang S; Huang JK; Li M; Azam A; Zu X; Qiao L; Yang J; Li S, 2021, 'Growth of High-Quality Monolayer Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Nanocrystals by Chemical Vapor Deposition and Their Photoluminescence and Electrocatalytic Properties', ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 13, pp. 47962 - 47971,

Tiwari AP; Yoon Y; Novak TG; Azam A; Lee M; Lee SS; Lee GH; Srolovitz DJ; An KS; Jeon S, 2019, 'Lattice Strain Formation through Spin-Coupled Shells of MoS2 on Mo2C for Bifunctional Oxygen Reduction and Oxygen Evolution Reaction Electrocatalysts', Advanced Materials Interfaces, 6,

Azam A; Kim J; Park J; Novak TG; Tiwari AP; Song SH; Kim B; Jeon S, 2018, 'Two-Dimensional WO3 Nanosheets Chemically Converted from Layered WS2 for High-Performance Electrochromic Devices', Nano Letters, 18, pp. 5645 - 5651,

Novak TG; Shin H; Kim J; Kim K; Azam A; Nguyen CV; Park SH; Song JY; Jeon S, 2018, 'Low-Cost Black Phosphorus Nanofillers for Improved Thermoelectric Performance in PEDOT:PSS Composite Films', ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 10, pp. 17957 - 17962,

Tiwari AP; Azam A; Novak TG; Prakash O; Jeon S, 2018, 'Chemical strain formation through anion substitution in Cu2WS4 for efficient electrocatalysis of water dissociation', Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 6, pp. 7786 - 7793,

Shorowordi KM; Moniruzzaman M; Taufique MFN; Azam A, 2017, 'Effect of Ni/Fe ratio of electrolyte salts on the magnetic property of electrodeposited Fe–Ni alloy', Surface Engineering and Applied Electrochemistry, 53, pp. 52 - 58,

Kim J; Kim J; Yoon H; Park M; Novak T; Ashraful A; Lee J; Jeon S, 2016, 'Simultaneous Exfoliation and Dispersion of Graphene/Carbon Nanotube via Intercalation Reaction and Its Application as Conductive Composite Film', Composites Research, 29, pp. 104 - 110,

Moniruzzaman M; Shorowordi KM; Azam A; Taufique MFN, 2014, 'Fe-Ni ALLOY ELECTRODEPOSITION FROM SIMPLE AND COMPLEX TYPE SULFATE ELECTROLYTES CONTAINING Ni/Fe RATIO OF 1 AND 12', Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 44, pp. 51 - 56,


Jeon S; Azam A; Jungmo K, 2019, Method for fabricating two-dimensional transition metal oxide flakes and electrochromic device using the transition metal oxide flakes, Patent No. KR102050245B1,

Jeon S; Azam A; Kim J, 2019, Method of fabricating high-quality graphene flakes using electrochemical exfoliation process and dispersion solution of graphene flakes, Patent No. KR20180129220A,

Jeon S; Azam A; Kim J, 2018, Method for producing high-quality graphene flake through electrochemical exfoliation and solution for dispersing graphene flake, Patent No. WO2018217042A1,

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