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Bruce A; Yildiz B; Alexander D; Roberts M, 2024, As Australia’s net zero transition threatens to stall, rooftop solar could help provide the power we need, ,

Yildiz B, 2023, Electric hot water is a hero of flexible demand. Where does it stand in the age of rooftop solar?, ,

Maisch M; Yildiz B, 2023, Distributed PV, battery storage curtailment in low-voltage networks, ,

Yildiz B; Shaw M; Ertler W; Bardwell L, 2023, Solar hours heating redefining regional battery storage requirements, ,

Barr B; Yildiz B, 2023, Pilot to policy research crucial to energy transformation, ,

Yildiz B, 2022, APVI study raises fairness concerns of solar curtailment, ,

Yildiz B, 2022, Rooftop solar PV curtailment raises fairness concerns, ,

Vorrath S; Yildiz B, 2022, Some households lose 20 per cent of their solar output from grid curtailment, ,

Purtill J; Yildiz B; Adams S, 2022, What is renewable energy curtailment and how does it affect rooftop solar?, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), ,

Adams S; Yildiz B; Stringer N; Samarakoon S, 2021, Solar curtailment is emerging as a new challenge to overcome as Australia dashes for rooftop solar, The Conversation, ,

Filatoff N; Yildiz B, 2021, UNSW study: channelling rooftop PV into water heating is a residential super saver, PV-Magazine, ,

Filatoff N; Yildiz B, 2021, UNSW digs the data: How much solar energy is lost through automated inverter settings?, PV Magazine, ,

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