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Hegarty B, 2022, The Made-Up State Technology, Trans Femininity, and Citizenship in Indonesia, Cornell University,

Book Chapters

Hegarty B; Handayani AP; Nanwani S; Praptoraharjo I, 2024, 'HIV outreach for men who have sex with men during the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia, 2020–2021', in Garcia Iglesias J; Nagington M; Aggleton P (ed.), Viral Times: Reflections on the COVID-19 and HIV Pandemics, Routledge, London; New York, pp. 193 - 206,

Hegarty B, 2023, 'Transgender Citizenship and Public Gender in Indonesia', in Bexley A; Dong SX; Setyonaluri D (ed.), Gender Equality and Diversity in Indonesia Identifying Progress and Challenges, Iseas - Yusof Ishak Institute, Singapore, pp. 53 - 69,

Hegarty B, 2022, 'An inter-Asia history of transpuan in Indonesia', in Queer Southeast Asia, pp. 15 - 32,

Journal articles

Hegarty B, 2024, 'A queer footnote: The anthropology of containment', American Ethnologist, 51, pp. 84 - 89,

Hegarty B, 2022, 'Identity Cards, Semiotic Instability, and Signs of State Recognition for Indonesian Warias', Visual Anthropology Review, 39, pp. 178 - 198,

Hegarty B, 2022, 'Sex, crime and entertainment: Images of LGBT in the Indonesian news media', Indonesia and the Malay World, 50, pp. 33 - 51,

Hegarty B, 2021, 'The Biosocial Body: HIV Visibility in an Age of Pharmaceutical Treatment in Indonesia', Ethos, 49, pp. 460 - 474,

Hegarty B, 2021, 'Governing Nonconformity: Gender Presentation, Public Space, and the City in New Order Indonesia', Journal of Asian Studies, 80, pp. 955 - 974,

MALLAY R; HEGARTY B; NANWANI S; PRAPTORAHARJO I, 2021, 'One transgender community's experience of the covid-19 pandemic', Transgender Studies Quarterly, 8, pp. 386 - 393,

Hegarty B; Handayani A; Nanwani S; Praptoraharjo I, 2021, 'Chasing targets in a pandemic: The impact of COVID-19 on HIV outreach workers for MSM (men who have sex with men) in Jakarta, Indonesia', Global Public Health, 16, pp. 1681 - 1695,

Hegarty B; Nanwani S; Praptoraharjo I, 2020, 'Understanding the challenges faced in community-based outreach programs aimed at men who have sex with men in urban Indonesia', Sexual Health, 17, pp. 352 - 358,

Hegarty B, 2019, 'Liminal Masculinity: Narratives of Class and Sexuality in Post-authoritarian Indonesia', Journal of Intercultural Studies, 40, pp. 334 - 346,

Marshall D; Aggleton P; Cover R; Rasmussen ML; Hegarty B, 2019, 'Queer generations: Theorizing a concept', International Journal of Cultural Studies, 22, pp. 558 - 576,

Hegarty B, 2019, 'The Perfect Woman: Transgender Femininity and National Modernity in New Order Indonesia, 1968-1978', JOURNAL OF THE HISTORY OF SEXUALITY, 28, pp. 44 - 65,

Hegarty B; Marshall D; Aggleton P; Cover R; Rasmussen M, 2018, 'Heterosexuality and Race in the Australian Same-Sex Marriage Postal Survey', Australian Feminist Studies, 33, pp. 400 - 416,

Hegarty B, 2018, 'Under the Lights, Onto the Stage Becoming Waria through National Glamour in New Order Indonesia', TSQ-TRANSGENDER STUDIES QUARTERLY, 5, pp. 355 - 377,

Hegarty B, 2017, '‘No Nation of Experts’: Kustom Tattooing and the Middle-Class Body in Post-Authoritarian Indonesia', Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology, 18, pp. 135 - 148,

Hegarty B, 2017, 'The Value of Transgender Waria Affective Labor for Transnational Media Markets in Indonesia', TSQ-TRANSGENDER STUDIES QUARTERLY, 4, pp. 78 - 95,

Hegarty B, 2012, 'Late Japanese New Wave Documentary and Cinematic Truth: Charting the Theory and Method of "Graphic Sensitivity" Towards Cultural Otherness', COLLOQUY-TEXT THEORY CRITIQUE, pp. 78 - 98,

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