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Newton BJ, 2021, 'Creating Cultural Safety as an Aboriginal Teacher in a Class of Non-Aboriginal University Students', Australian Social Work, vol. 74, pp. 4 - 12,

Blunden H; Giuntoli G; Newton BJ; Katz I, 2021, 'Victims/Survivors’ Perceptions of Helpful Institutional Responses to Incidents of Institutional Child Sexual Abuse', Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, vol. 30, pp. 56 - 79,

Newton BJ, 2020, 'Aboriginal parents' experiences of having their children removed by statutory child protection services', Child and Family Social Work, vol. 25, pp. 814 - 822,

Newton BJ, 2019, 'Understanding child neglect in Aboriginal families and communities in the context of trauma', Child and Family Social Work, vol. 24, pp. 218 - 226,

Newton BJ, 2017, 'An Aboriginal community's perceptions and experiences of child neglect in a rural town:', Australian Journal of Social Issues, vol. 52, pp. 262 - 277,

Hill T; Cass B; Newton BJ; valentine K, 2013, 'Indigenous carers', Social Policy Research Papers

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