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Turnbull-Roberts V; Salter M; Newton BJ, 2022, 'Trauma then and now: Implications of adoption reform for First Nations children', Child and Family Social Work, vol. 27, pp. 163 - 172,

Blunden H; Giuntoli G; Newton BJ; Katz I, 2021, 'Victims/Survivors’ Perceptions of Helpful Institutional Responses to Incidents of Institutional Child Sexual Abuse', Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, vol. 30, pp. 56 - 79,

Newton BJ, 2020, 'Aboriginal parents' experiences of having their children removed by statutory child protection services', Child and Family Social Work, vol. 25, pp. 814 - 822,

Newton BJ, 2020, 'Creating Cultural Safety as an Aboriginal Teacher in a Class of Non-Aboriginal University Students', Australian Social Work,

Newton BJ, 2019, 'Understanding child neglect in Aboriginal families and communities in the context of trauma', Child and Family Social Work, vol. 24, pp. 218 - 226,

Newton BJ, 2017, 'An Aboriginal community's perceptions and experiences of child neglect in a rural town:', Australian Journal of Social Issues, vol. 52, pp. 262 - 277,

Hill T; Cass B; Newton BJ; valentine K, 2013, 'Indigenous carers', Social Policy Research Papers

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