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Burry K; Beek K; Haire B; Worth H, 2022, 'Infanticide and Reproductive (In)Justice in the South Pacific: The Construction of Pacific Women in Criminal Trials', in Sexual and Reproductive Justice From the Margins to the Centre, Lexington Books

Smith AKJ; Haire B; Newman C; Holt M, 2022, 'Challenges of Using the Story Completion Method to Research Clinical Encounters', in SAGE Research methods, SAGE,

Haire B, 2020, 'Providing Universal Access While Avoiding Antiretroviral Resistance: Ethical Tensions in HIV Treatment', in Ethics and Drug Resistance: Collective Responsibility for Global Public Health, Springer International Publishing, pp. 37 - 54,

Newman C; Haire B, 2019, '‘A reckoning that is long overdue’: Reconfiguring the work of progressive sex advice post #MeToo', in Fileborn B; Loney-Howes R (ed.), #MeToo and the Politics of Social Change., Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 235 - 250,

Haire B; Newman C, 2019, 'Shitty media men', in Fileborn B; Rachel L-H (ed.), #MeToo and the Politics of Social Change, Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 201 - 216,

Folayan MO; Haire BG; Tegli J; Yakubu A; Peterson K; Brown B, 2018, 'Criminalisation and “Reckless” Ebola Transmission: Theorizing Ethical Obligations to Seek Care', in Tangwa GB; Abayomi A; Ujewe SJ; Munung N (ed.), Socio-cultural dimension to emerging infectious diseases in Africa, Springer Nature

Haire BG, 2016, 'History, Culture, and Social Norms: Implications for Ebola Drug and Vaccine Clinical Trials', in Evans NG; Smith TC; Majumder MS (ed.), Ebola's Message Public Health and Medicine in the Twenty-First Century, MIT Press, pp. 201 - 216

Haire BG, 2001, 'Mardi Gras', in Johnston C; Van Reyk P (ed.), Queer city gay and lesbian politics in Sydney, Pluto Pr Australia, Annandale, pp. 97 - 111

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