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Nair JD; Wilkinson KA; Yucel BP; Mulle C; Vissel B; Mellor J; Henley JM, 2022, GluK2 Q/R editing regulates kainate receptor signalling to modulate AMPA receptor synaptic expression and plasticity, ,

Dhungana A; Becchi S; Leake J; Morris G; Avgan N; Balleine BW; Vissel B; Bradfield LA, 2022, Goal-directed action is transiently impaired in an hAPP-J20 mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease, and in aging male mice regardless of genotype, ,

Abiero A; Ali Z; Vissel B; Bradfield L, 2021, Outcome-selective reinstatement is predominantly context-independent, and associated with c-Fos activation in the posterior dorsomedial striatum, ,

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