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Menant JC; Goldstein D; Au K; Trinh T; van Schooten KS; McCrary JM; Harris CA; Forster BC; Park SB, 2021, 'Evidence of slow and variable choice-stepping reaction time in cancer survivors with chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy', Gait and Posture, vol. 89, pp. 178 - 185,

Gedye C; Pook DW; Krieger LEM; Harris CA; Goh JC; Kichenadasse G; Gurney H; Underhill C; Parnis F; Joshua AM; Ferguson T; Roncolato F; Harrison ML; Begbie S; Morris MF; Hovey EJ; George M; Prithviraj P; Link E; Davis ID, 2021, 'Ipilimumab plus nivolumab in people with rare variant renal cell carcinoma refractory to nivolumab alone: Part 2 of UNISON (ANZUP 1602) nivolumab then ipilimumab plus nivolumab in advanced non-clear cell renal cell carcinoma.', JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ONCOLOGY, vol. 39,

Gedye C; Joshi AJ; Zhang AY; Martin AJ; Joshua AM; Harris CA; Underhill C; Pook DW; Toner GC; Kichenadasse G; So JY; Goh JC; Morris MF; Lawrence NJ; Ferguson T; Vasey PA; Prithviraj P; Subramaniam S; Stockler MR; Davis ID, 2021, 'Denosumab and pembrolizumab in clear cell renal carcinoma (KEYPAD): A phase II trial (ANZUP1601).', Journal of Clinical Oncology, vol. 39, pp. TPS367 - TPS367,

Schmidt A; Azad A; Goh J; Harris C; Joshua AM; Weickhardt A; Krieger L, 2019, 'Treatment selection for first-line metastatic renal cell carcinoma in Australia: Impact of new therapy options', Asia-Pacific Journal of Clinical Oncology, vol. 15, pp. 3 - 10,

Harris CA; Daniels BJ; Ward RL; Pearson SA, 2017, 'Retrospective comparison of Australia’s Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme claims data with prescription data in HER2 positive early breast cancer patients (2008-2012)', Public Health Research and Practice, vol. 27,

Adelstein BA; Dobbins TA; Harris CA; Marschner IC; Ward RL, 2011, 'A systematic review and meta-analysis of KRAS status as the determinant of response to anti-EGFR antibodies and the impact of partner chemotherapy in metastatic colorectal cancer', European Journal of Cancer, vol. 47, pp. 1343 - 1354,

Harris CA; Ward RL; Dobbins TA; Drew A; Pearson S, 2011, 'The efficacy of HER2-targeted agents in metastatic breast cancer: A meta-analysis', Annals of Oncology, vol. 22, pp. 1308 - 1317,

Goldstein D; Harris C; Harris C, 2010, 'Tamoxifen use in retroperitoneal fibrosis, case report and review of the literature', Internal Medicine Journal, vol. 40, pp. e5 - e7

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