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O'Callaghan C; Tran A; Tam N; Wen LM; Harris-Roxas , 2022, 'Promoting the get healthy information and coaching service (GHS) in Australian-Chinese communities: facilitators and barriers', Health promotion international, vol. 37,

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Mistry SK; Ali ARMM; Irfan NM; Yadav UN; Siddique RF; Peprah P; Reza S; Rahman Z; Casanelia L; O'Callaghan C, 2021, 'Prevalence and correlates of depressive symptoms among Rohingya (forcibly displaced Myanmar nationals or FDMNs) older adults in Bangladesh amid the COVID-19 pandemic', GLOBAL MENTAL HEALTH, vol. 8,

Blignault I; Saab H; Woodland L; O’Callaghan C, 2021, 'Cultivating mindfulness: evaluation of a community-based mindfulness program for Arabic-speaking women in Australia', Current Psychology,

Yadav UN; Thapa TB; Mistry SK; Ghimire S; Yadav KK; Boateng GO; O’Callaghan C, 2020, 'Biosocial and disease conditions are associated with good quality of life among older adults in rural eastern Nepal: Findings from a cross-sectional study', PLoS ONE, vol. 15, pp. e0242942,

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