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Baker A; Andersen MS; Marjo CE; Zainuddin NS; Rutlidge H; Graham PW; Henderson RK, 2019, 'Investigation of Pollution in Rivers and Groundwater by Fluorescence', in , Wiley, pp. 1 - 14,

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Kelloway SJ; Ward CR; Marjo CE; Wainwright IE; Cohen DR, 2015, 'Analysis of Coal Cores Using Micro-XRF Scanning Techniques', in Croudace IW; Rothwell RG (ed.), MICRO-XRF STUDIES OF SEDIMENT CORES: APPLICATIONS OF A NON-DESTRUCTIVE TOOL FOR THE ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES, SPRINGER, pp. 601 - 612,

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Journal articles

Marjo CE; Rich AM; Bhadbhade MM; Bhattacharyya S; Yin S; Miskovic DM; Aldilla VR; Kumar N, 2023, 'Short Fluoroalkanes Suppress a Thermally-Induced Phase Transition in a Layered Organic Crystal', Crystals, 13,

Singh MP; Bhattacharyya S; Chinu K; Akter R; Marjo CE, 2023, 'Airborne soil and dust are potential sources of antimony to residents across Delhi: Exposure likely to occur via dermal route', Hygiene and Environmental Health Advances, 7,

Wallis MJ; Craze AR; Zenno H; Tokunaga R; Taira T; Min H; Bhadbhade MM; Bhattacharyya SK; Tian R; Rich AM; Hayami S; Clegg JK; Marjo CE; Lindoy LF; Li F, 2023, 'Unique spin crossover pathways differentiated by scan rate in a new dinuclear Fe(ii) triple helicate: mechanistic deductions enabled by synchrotron radiation studies', Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 11, pp. 8908 - 8918,

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Haines HA; Hiscock WT; Palmer JG; Turney CSM; Thomas ZA; Cadd H; Vohra J; Marjo CE, 2023, 'THE ACCURACY AND PRECISION OF SMALL-SIZED MODERN WOOD SAMPLES ANALYZED AT THE CHRONOS 14CARBON-CYCLE FACILITY', Radiocarbon, 65, pp. 561 - 571,

Min H; Craze AR; Wallis MJ; Tokunaga R; Taira T; Hirai Y; Bhadbhade MM; Fanna DJ; Marjo CE; Hayami S; Lindoy LF; Li F, 2023, 'Spin Crossover Induced by Changing the Identity of the Secondary Metal Ion from PdII to NiII in a Face-Centered FeII8MII6 Cubic Cage**', Chemistry - A European Journal, 29,

Tamhane J; Thomas ZA; Cadd H; Harris MRP; Turney C; Marjo CE; Wang H; Akter R; Panaretos P; Halim A; Gadd PS; Carter S; Brickle P, 2023, 'Mid-Holocene intensification of Southern Hemisphere westerly winds and implications for regional climate dynamics', Quaternary Science Reviews, 305,

McDonough LK; Andersen MS; Behnke MI; Rutlidge H; Oudone P; Meredith K; O’Carroll DM; Santos IR; Marjo CE; Spencer RGM; McKenna AM; Baker A, 2022, 'A new conceptual framework for the transformation of groundwater dissolved organic matter', Nature Communications, 13,

Frisia S; Borsato A; Hartland A; Faraji M; Demeny A; Drysdale RN; Marjo CE, 2022, 'Crystallization pathways, fabrics and the capture of climate proxies in speleothems: Examples from the tropics', Quaternary Science Reviews, 297,

Tahery S; Munroe P; Marjo CE; Rawal A; Horvat J; Mohammed M; Webber JBW; Arns JY; Arns CH; Pan G; Bian R; Joseph S, 2022, 'A comparison between the characteristics of a biochar-NPK granule and a commercial NPK granule for application in the soil', Science of the Total Environment, 832, pp. 155021 - 155021,

Tung PKM; Halim AY; Wang H; Rich A; Marjo C; Regenauer-Lieb K, 2022, 'Deep-XFCT: Deep Learning 3D-Mineral Liberation Analysis with Micro-X-ray Fluorescence and Computed Tomography', Energies, 15,

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