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Hart A; Wilkinson C, 2020, 'Policies Addressing Alcohol-Related Violence Among Young People: A Gendered Analysis Based on Two Australian States', in Young Adult Drinking Styles, pp. 295 - 312,

Hart A; Wilkinson C, 2019, 'Policies addressing alcohol-related violence among young people: A gendered analysis based on two Australian states', in Young Adult Drinking Styles: Current Perspectives on Research, Policy and Practice, pp. 295 - 312,

Livingston M; Wilkinson C, 2017, 'Controlling density, hours and days of sale and zoning to reduce alcohol-related harm', in Preventing Alcohol-related Problems Evidence and Community-based Initiatives, American Public Health Association

Wilkinson C; MacLean S, 2014, 'Enforcement of Liquor Laws: the introduction of civilian inspectors in Victoria', in Stemming the tide of alcohol : liquor licensing and the public interest, Foundation for Alcohol Research & Education, pp. 188 - 195

Wilkinson C, 2013, 'Public information and education campaigns', in Alcohol Science, Policy and Public Health, Oxford University Press

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