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Monaghan J; Backholer K; McKelvey AL; Christidis R; Borda A; Calyx C; Crocetti A; Driessen C; Zorbas C, 2023, 'Citizen science approaches to crowdsourcing food environment data: A scoping review of the literature', Obesity Reviews, 24,

Roesler A; Butten K; Calyx C; Holmes-Truscott E; Taylor P, 2023, 'Use and Preferences of Health Apps among Women and Healthcare Professionals Regarding GDM Postpartum Care Related to Diet, Physical Activity, and Weight Management: A Cross-Sectional Survey', Nutrients, 15,

Calyx C; Weerasuriya R; White SJ, 2023, 'Embedding telehealth for sustainable health services linking Oceania', Family Practice, 40, pp. 505 - 507,

Quinnell R; Motion A; Illingworth S; Calyx C; Bray H; Borda A, 2023, 'Citizen Science in Australian Higher Education: Emerging Learning and Research Communities', International Journal of Innovation in Science and Mathematics Education, 31, pp. 1 - 14,

Calyx C; Finlay SM, 2022, 'Improving a framework for evaluating participatory science', Evaluation, 28, pp. 150 - 165,

Calyx C, 2022, 'Participatory budgeting for research funding decisions', Evidence and Policy, 18, pp. 163 - 176,

Calyx C, 2020, 'Sustaining citizen science beyond an emergency', Sustainability (Switzerland), 12, pp. 4522,

Calyx C; Low J, 2020, 'How a climate change sceptic politician changed their mind', Journal of Science Communication, 19, pp. c04,

Calyx C; Jessup B, 2019, 'Nuclear Citizens Jury: From Local Deliberations to Transboundary and Transgenerational Legal Dilemmas', Environmental Communication, 13, pp. 491 - 504,

Smith C, 2014, 'Public Engagement in Prioritizing Research Proposals: A Case Study', SAGE OPEN, 4,

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